High quality, locally sourced Fresh Milk, Dairy Goods and Grocery Products delivered direct to your doorstep
URGENT UPDATE- for the attention of customers in Chapel, Dove Holes and Whaley Bridge. 
Unfortunately factors outside our control are continuing to affect our staffing levels.  Day to day we are facing even more challenges.  Late last night we found out that your milk delivery person was not coming into work.
We could not ask staff who are already at breaking point to do more and cover it.  Therefore it really saddens us to advise that for the first time in Middletons history (other than snow related), no deliveries in your area were made to customers.
We have urgently been looking at logistics to ensure you get your milk over the next few days as we cannot guarantee your delivery person will be back to work.
After careful consideration we will be bringing you milk tonight into Thursday morning.
This will be your Friday milk, Saturday (if you have a delivery) and also your Monday delivery. If you should have had any Longley Farm or egg/juice today we will also bring those.
We will not be bringing you your milk you should have had today as assume customers will have to get some.   But please contact us if you wish us to add this on.
A letter will come with deliveries to explain. Any queries please contact us
After Thursday, your next delivery will therefore be Wednesday 3rd May.
Once again apologies are wearing thin but we are sincerely sorry for all this inconvenience