Our Products

We believe the convenience of high quality, locally sourced Fresh Milk, Dairy Goods and Grocery Products delivered direct to your doorstep is an unbeatable combination. Please view our product list below.


Glass pint - Full cream, semi & skimmed
Glass pint - Organic full or semi
Sterilised full & semi (500ml)
Arla lactose free - Semi & full (1 Ltr)
Soya milk (1 Ltr)
UHT milk (500ml carton)
Flavoured milk 500ml (banana, chocolate, strawberry)

Alternative & Plant Based Milks

Glass pint - Oat (OATO) milk
Alpro - Oat (1 Ltr)
Alpro - Hazelnut or almond (1 Ltr)
Alpro - Coconut (1 Ltr)
Alpro - Rice (1 Ltr)

Free Range Eggs

½ dozen medium eggs
1 dozen medium eggs
½ dozen large eggs
1 dozen large eggs


Glass pint bottles (orange, tropical, apple, cranberry)
Orange carton
Pineapple carton
Apple carton
Grapefruit carton
Cranberry carton

Other Items

Pack of 3 reusable bottle tops
Small cool bag
4 bottle doorstep milk holder
6 bottle doorstep milk holder

Longley Farm Products

Double cream (10oz)
Double cream (5oz)
Single cream (10oz)
Single cream (5oz)
Whipping cream (10oz)
Whipping cream (5oz)
Soured cream (150g)
Crème fraîche (200g)
Fruit yogurts (150g)
Low fat yogurt - Gooseberry (150g)
Natural yogurt (150g)
Large natural yogurt (450g)
Large fat free natural yogurt (450g)
Large Greek style yogurt (450g)
Greek style yogurt - Honey (450g)
Full fat soft cheese (200g)
Cottage cheese (125g)
Cottage cheese (250g)
Cottage cheese - Pineapple ((250g)
Cottage cheese - Chives (250g)
Fat free cottage cheese (250g)
Fat free cottage cheese - Chives (250g)

Crag Spring Water*

Still water x4 bottles (330ml)
Still water x1 bottle (750ml)
Sparkling water x4 bottles (330ml)
Sparkling water x1 bottle (750ml)

*Crag Spring water in returnable
glass bottles and metal caps