Our Suppliers

Here is some additional information about some of the suppliers we use to supply us with local fresh dairy and farm produce from the Peak District. If you are a supplier and would like to be added to our range please get in touch by telephone.


Jacksons Dairies

The company was established in 1950 and sources their milk supplies from farmers in the Peak District and surrounding areas. This is an important factor to Middleton’s Dairy as it means that not only can we source a dedicated local supply of high quality milk but we can also be sure Jacksons Dairy can provide an auditable trail from source, to bottle, to customer.

Now delivering 200,000 bottles of milk each month, Jacksons Dairies supply the excellent Peak District milk throughout the whole of the North West, as far south as Birmingham.

Jacksons Dairies embraces environmental concerns, as well as consumer awareness of product source and treatment. A new dairy is being built to increase production and they also have their own laboratory and testing facilities to ensure the highest of standards, every time.


Longley Farm

Based in Holmfirth, Longley Farm has worked for over half a century to produce the very best dairy products. Family values have certainly contributed to their World renowned reputation but equally important is the Dairy’s commitment to controlling quality at each and every stage of production. Good milk makes good dairy products and Longley Farm has been producing prize winning yoghurt for over 30 years.


Supplied by OATO in Lancashire using british OATs.  Their popular Oat milk is supplied in glass bottles and refilled therefore reducing unnecessary waste.



Fields Farm

Based in Yorkshire they gather eggs where hens enjoy their freedom and stretch their wings each and every day.

The free range hens always have the choice to venture outside into pasture during the day, but may prefer to stay inside if it’s cold and wet… the choice is theirs! Happy hens lay the tastiest eggs.


Crag Spring Water

Crag based on the outskirts of the Peak District are the only bottled spring water company in the North of England that reuses its glass bottles.

The aim of the company was to deliver Crag Spring Water to pubs, restaurants, small business and to the individual consumer but to also collect the empty bottles, to wash, sanitise and then refill them.


Cotteswold Dairy

Cotteswold Dairy was one of the first dairies to offer organic milk and we were the first dairy to offer it in returnable, reusable glass pint bottles.

The 5 organic farmers are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association, the cows are fed a diet free from artificial additives, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.

Available in all Full cream, Semi and Skimmed.